When He Was Bad...
Successful architect Matt McGregor is used to having his way, both in business and in the bedroom.  So when he discovers his aunt's gardener is the violet-eyed beauty who captivated him at a night-club then promptly disappeared, he's determined not to let her run out on him again. 
Am exploring new options in writing at the moment.
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Mistress: At What Price?
Mariel and Dane were childhood friends, until the night Mariel left to study fashion overseas, when she discovers, in graphic detail, that Dane doesn't want her the way she wants him.  Ten years on, she's back in Australia, a successful photographic model.  And Dane is looking better than ever.  Too bad, because she's sworn off men.
Memoirs of a Millionaire's Mistress
Didi O’Flanagan has turned her back on her privileged lifestyle to prove to her parents that she can make it on her own as a textile artist.  Except right now she’s living in a rundown building and trying to make ends meet waitressing at corporate functions… where she first lays eyes on the gorgeous Cameron Black, multimillion property developer.
Hot Boss, Wicked Nights
Kate Fielding is focused on her career at a travel agency in Sydney.  But her boss's promise of a promotion to the agency's manager disappears when he unexpectedly dies and his nephew steps in to take over.  Men haven't been on Kate's agenda since her last serious relationship failed, but the gorgeous Damon Gillespie has her hot and bothered - and in a dilemma.
Pregnant by the Playboy Tycoon
Anneliese Duffield, pampered daughter of a renowned heart surgeon, enjoys mixing with Melbourne's elite.  When her mother dies, the shock of discovering she was adopted prompts her to leave home and drive to Surfers Paradise in search of a long lost sister.  Steve Anderson, her friend's brother, has business in Brisbane and insists on accompanying her cross-country.  The long-simmering attraction is too strong to resist... 
Marriage At The Millionaire's Command
Carissa Grace can play a downright dreamy Chopin nocturne.  But her own dreams have fizzled in the hot Australian summer.  Her fiancé’s gone and she must be the last twenty-six-year old virgin this side of the Pacific.  Until she meets hunk Bill Jamieson, whose warm whisky voice and hard-packed masculinity arouses her interest… and her desire.
Business in the Bedroom
Until Zak Forrester comes to terms with his wife’s death it’s strictly business between massage therapist, Abigail Seymour and her brooding workaholic landlord.  Abby is not Zak’s kind of woman; with her wild red hair, she’s alternative and way too perceptive …and she’s playing havoc with his libido.
The Ex-Factor
When Melanie Sawyer finds her flat-mate's sexy friend asleep in her bed, she's amused - and definitely interested.  Until she discovers he's wealthy engineering geologist Luke Delaney, the man she's not been able to forget since they went their separate ways after a brief but intense relationship.
Behind Closed Doors
Six years ago Cleo Honeywell longed for Jack Devlin to look her way.  Being sixteen didn’t stop her from trying to prove that she was a woman - with disastrous results.  She hasn’t seen him since that night.
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Her Not-So-Secret Diary
What happens when Sophie Buchanan accidentally emails her new boss her erotic dream about him instead of her business report?
There's Something About a Rebel...
Lissa Sanderson hasn't seen her teenage crush, Blake Everett, since he left for the navy ten years ago.   But she's not falling for his darkly brooding looks again.  She's an independent woman now and determined to make it on her own - even if her world is about to crumble around her. 
The Morning After the Wedding Before
When Emma walks into Jake's strip club to deliver the best man's suit for her sister's wedding, he can't resist teasing her just a little.  Emma's always been way too serious; she needs some fun times and he's going to be the man to show her.
The Price of Fame
When online gaming writer, Nic Russo, witnesses a beautiful woman being harassed by the media at Melbourne airport, he pretends she's with him, and kisses her to prove it.  She's happy to play along and when a volcanic ash cloud grounds all flights, they share one amazing night before going their separate ways.
Marriage in Name Only?
To secure the most important deal of his life and honour his dead father, gold mining magnate Jordan Blackstone needs a wife to accompany him to Dubai.  Fake wife, that is, because marriage is not on Jordan's agenda.
Mistletoe Not Required

Dedicated yachtswoman and experienced skipper Olivia Wishart is participating in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race in memory of her mother who died of breast cancer before they could make the voyage together.  She and her best friend, Brie, are raising funds on the trip for the cancer retreat she wants to establish. But tonight it's Christmas Eve and Olivia treats herself to a harmless, one-off flirtation with a Tall, Dark and Delicious whom she meets at a pre-sailing party overlooking Sydney Harbour...
The Party Dare

When beauty therapist Breanna Black encounters the sexy new owner of the house next door, she's attracted, but she's more concerned his intended renovations will impact on her heritage home. His curt manner when she questions him doesn't disguise the hot desire she sees beneath his cool demeanour...