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Welcome to my website!

I grew up with a love of fairy tales: my favorite was The Little Mermaid.  I was entranced with the idea that love could be such a powerful motivator that the heroine would give up her life for it.  Then there Tennyson Lady of Shalott, Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, and in the music and movie world there Carousel, Phantom of the Opera and Titanic. Okay, there are some heroes too - (Who couldn be moved by Leonardo?)

Are you noticing a trend here?  I love nothing better than a good weepie.

Being published by Mills & Boon is a long held ambition and has opened up a new career for me.  It took me six full novels and eight years to get it right.   To find out who I am and how I got there click on About Anne.

The Links page has some of my favorite author and writing websites.

I love to hear from readers and other writers.  You can contact me by clicking on the Contact link.

Happy reading and I hope youl come back and visit again soon.
Read about my latest published book, The Party Dare, here.

A couple of translations that turned up in my mailbox recently.  From Italy, The Price of Fame and from Germany, Memoirs of a Millionaire's Mistress.
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