Anne Oliver

Multi-Published Award-Winning Author

There’s Something About a Rebel…

there's something about a rebel book cover

Mills & Boon Riva ~ August 2011 (UK) Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy ~ September 2011 (Australia/NZ) Harlequin Presents Extra ~ January 2012 (USA) Lissa Sanderson hasn’t seen her teenage crush, Blake Everett, since he left for the navy ten years ago.   But she’s not falling for his darkly brooding looks again.  She’s an independent […]

The Morning After the Wedding Before

The morning after the wedding before book cover

Mills & Boon Modern ~ May 2012 (UK) Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy ~ June 2012 (Australia/NZ) Harlequin Presents Extra ~ TBA (USA) When Emma walks into Jake’s strip club to deliver the best man’s suit for her sister’s wedding, he can’t resist teasing her just a little.  Emma’s always been way too serious; she […]

The Price of Fame

The price of fame book cover

Mills & Boon Modern ~ November 2012 (UK) Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy ~ December 2012 (Australia/NZ) TBA (USA) When online gaming writer, Nic Russo, witnesses a beautiful woman being harassed by the media at Melbourne airport, he pretends she’s with him, and kisses her to prove it.  She’s happy to play along and when […]

Marriage in Name Only?

Marriage in name only book cover

Mills & Boon Modern ~ April 2013 (UK) Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy ~ April 2013 (Australia/NZ) Harlequin Presents Extra ~ TBA (USA) To secure the most important deal of his life and honour his dead father, gold mining magnate Jordan Blackstone needs a wife to accompany him to Dubai.  Fake wife, that is, because […]

Mistletoe Not Required

Mistletoe not required book cover

Mills & Boon Modern Tempted ~ Nov 2013 (UK) Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy ~ Nov 2013 (Australia/NZ) Harlequin KISS ~ Nov 2013 (USA) Dedicated yachtswoman and experienced skipper, Olivia Wishart, is participating in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race in memory of her mother who died of breast cancer before they could make the […]

The Party Dare

The party dare book cover

Mills & Boon Modern Tempted ~ Sept 2014 (UK) Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy ~ Sept 2014 (Australia/NZ) When beauty therapist Breanna Black encounters the sexy new owner of the house next door, she’s attracted, but she’s more concerned his intended renovations will impact on her heritage home. His curt manner when she questions him […]